Saturday, October 2, 2010

Do Not Be the Only One Reading Own Blog

Internet became friendlier for users than ever before. Now users do not need HTML, style sheet, or any technical knowledge, to build and own website or Blog. It became particularly easy to hold one's own Blogs with these Blog providers. After registration of an account with these Blog providers, one can post his own articles as many as possible, and as often as possible. All of Blog site services provide tools to link the part of your article to some other sites. The user can easily put up personal photos or videos with just a click. Even one needs to write HTML, there are sites to help writing HTML.

Building a website is same as creating a Blog. For whatever reason one wants to have a website, small business of one's own, photo-album, communication tool with family far apart, sales e-commerce site, and so on, one can use free website builders. They have templates to use. One does not need style sheet knowledge to design his site. In addition to free but powerful website builders, there are lots of related tools to create, publish, and maintain websites.

Even having no experience and knowledge of website building technology, one can create and hold his website or Blogs, if he takes time and implement his plan. Difficulties, however, start after one finished building his site. The question is, "You built and wrote a Blog, all right. Are you not the only one reading own Blog?"

It is not a joke. A good friend of mine started his Blog several years ago. He had stories to tell. His stories were fascinating. He has talent in writing. After he had written about 10 articles, he told me that he would quit. He took a look at his Blog's record for visitors. He found that there was almost no visitor to his Blog site. If websites, either Blog or website, do not have traffic, even spam people will not come to post their comments. It hurts to realize there is no visitor to their sites, for people who took their pains to build their sites and posted articles.

This disappointed him. He asked me if I could help. I asked him some questions. First question was if he visited other Blogs and commented on them. In his comments, he could introduce his Blog to the other Bloggers. Bloggers like to visit other Bloggers and comment on their articles. Second question was if he sent emails to his contacts in his address list on his Blog. Site builders (Blog builders) usually have broadcasting function to one's email addresses. Third question was if he used Social Networking Site to let people know he has his Blog. He has not done any of these. He could also use web traffic tools and solutions. He did not have to spend a fortune. There are free or inexpensive but powerful web traffic tools and solutions in the market.

He needed to have a clear strategy on web traffic to get visitors to his Blog. After he has gone through all these actions, he did not have to quit his Blog.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. it certainly is important to communicate with other bloggers - then after time they may come over and see what you're doing.

It's a long term strategy .. it just doesn't happen - much like setting up any business .. we have to work at it.

Thanks - Hilary

Shaw said...

Hello Hilary, Thank you for your comment. It certainly is a long term strategy. But, we have to work on it. The process is fun and rewarding. Is not it?

Thanks, again!
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link