Sunday, October 16, 2011

Change Your Disadvantage to Advantage

When I saw my friends in a martial arts master class, I found they were not strong from the very beginning. Instead, many of them had inferiority complexes about their physical strength. They were always targeted for beatings by bigger, stronger friends because of their physical weakness. Some were chronically sick during childhood. They overcame their weaknesses by facing them and enduring the drawbacks. It is interesting that kung fu movies take physically weak people as heroes and show their growth. In this sense, these movies are close to reality.

During his childhood, Kenichi was constantly sick before he began school. Kenichi did not play baseball, basketball, or football with boys his age because of his physical weakness.

When he went to elementary school, his lack of experience with physical education in his younger days began to give him problems. He was tall, but thin; he looked like a sensitive type. He was good at school subjects, scoring high marks in math, language, science, history, and geology - anything other than physical education. Kenichi's smartness drew negative attention from the other students. They did not like him doing better than they did in so many subjects. He was a constant target for persecution from his friends.

Kenichi did not like being the target of constant bullying, but he did not know how to avoid or counter it. One day, he was walking along the street when he saw a sign for a karate dojo. At first he was not confident that he could practice martial arts. It seemed to him to be a pursuit for strong, physically superior people. He thought that he would never be able to be good at it. But, since he was desperate, he decided to walk into the dojo. He talked with the sensei (teacher) there. Contrary to his expectations, the teacher was a kind-looking, softly spoken gentleman. He decided to join the dojo.

The training was not easy. He needed to train his muscles and increase the flexibility of his body. There were fierce competitions with his fellow trainees. Five years passed, and he became a third grade black belt. He did not have to work to avoid, encounter, or fight against abuse, because nobody bothered him anymore.

Kenichi successfully changed his weakness to his advantage. If you can identify your disadvantage or inferiority, you should be happy. Your inferiority might be turned to your advantage some day, if you try hard.

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