Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Is Reverse Thinking?

Many unpleasant things happen in our lives. They include human relationships, health issues, making money, or working conditions. For example, you may love someone who does not love you. You are not happy with your job or salary. You have a difficult boss at work. The list goes on. The question is, are they all bad? You may say that of course they are bad; they make you feel depressed, sad, fearful, resentful, or embarrassed.

There are two categories of people. The first category consists of those who are depressed by their problems. The others are those who gain energy in adverse situations and turn them around to favorable situations that work for them. The latter are like a coiled spring that shrinks once pressured, and they take advantage of the reverse force.

Hiroshi had a problem keeping a relationship with his girlfriend when he was a student. He loved many girls. None of them returned his love. He studied boys who were loved by girls. He saw handsome boys who were loved and cheered by girls without doing anything. Hiroshi also found that there were boys who were not so attractive but who were still loved by girls. He studied them. He found that they might not be good-looking, but they had something positive, something that appealed and said something about them.

In contrast, he was shy and not positive or active. He needed to admit that he would not choose himself as a friend if he met someone like him. His conclusion was that he needed to develop his own personality and expertise that nobody else could follow.

Although his appearance did not change much, he now has his own skills, personality, and his own story to tell. He stopped holding. He became positive and active. He discovered that he had developed many friendships with both girls and boys.

After graduating from college, he started his own consultation firm for boys who have problems with girls. Although making money was not his goal, his business became quite successful as he helped clients. Thinking in the ordinary way would have led to a downward trend in Hiroshi's case. He could have become weary, depressed, and desperate. Reserved thinking is the way to face negativity and replace it with positivity.

When you are weary, remorseful, or depressed about things happening in your life, do not let these negative emotions take control of your life. There is a way to change these negatives into positives. If negative things are occurring in the present, take the opportunity to turn these negatives to your advantage.

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