Thursday, October 6, 2011

Unexplainable Human Psychology

One may believe that he has complete control over his thinking and behavior. Does he? During a meeting for addiction recovery that I attended, I kept hearing people say they find it difficult to stop thinking about their addictions. I heard one story of a patient who found a vodka bottle in his basement and started to drink again one year after he had quit. Although this kind of mindset is not easy to understand, there is no doubt a dark side to people's minds.

A story of an airplane crash follows. Jiro and Taro, who were friends, took the same flight one day. Unfortunately, their plane had a problem and needed to make an emergency landing, but the landing was not successful. Although most of the passengers died, Jiro and Taro survived. They found themselves on a snowy mountain with no way of communicating with anyone. Jiro was seriously wounded, and Taro tried to save him, but Jiro died during the day. After burying Jiro in the snow, an exhausted Taro returned to the cave they had discovered earlier and went to sleep.

Taro woke up the next morning to a fearful surprise. Jiro, whom Taro had buried the day before, was lying next to Taro. At first, he thought Jiro was not dead and had returned from the place where he was buried; however, he found that Jiro was indeed dead. Taro carried Jiro's body to the same place and buried him again. During the day, Taro tried to repair the airplane's radio communication equipment so he could call for help. Ground staff discovered the flight was missing and began searching for it. As night fell once again, Taro went to sleep in the same cave.

Much to his surprise, Taro again found Jiro's body lying next to him the next morning.

Taro repeated burying Jiro during the daytime and finding his body next to him the following morning. He found Jiro lying in the same place every morning for several days. Taro remembered that he had a video camera that had not broken during the crash. He set up the video camera before going to sleep to record what happened while he was asleep. The next morning started in the same way with Jiro's body lying next to Taro as on previous mornings. Taro replayed the video camera to see what had happened during the night. The video showed the shocking truth. Taro himself woke up during the night, dug up Jiro's body, and put Jiro next to his side.

The human mind can encourage behavior that is unexplainable even to its owner.

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