Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Things Are Too Big to Hold

The human mind is a fragile thing. It is easily hurt from small incident. It becomes upset with misunderstanding. As expectation increases, its disappointment is even bigger when things do not go well. Some times it is broken when sad or hard things happen. Yes, our minds can be broken. I am not talking about losing a love, I am talking about literally broken. It goes out-of-order and loses sound function for a long time. Anything can cause one mental disorders. Some group therapy treatment uses "Confession" style process to give a treatment for chemical dependence patients.

As a therapist educate patients to be honest and confess what patients have done to harm others, during chemical dependence. This can be a private one to one confession. Often, they share their wrong doings to the people who attend a meeting. One must have an experience that when he told his secret to others, possibly his closest friends, he feels relieved.

One therapy process includes listing a patient's wrong doings to others and sharing with his therapist. This process can be uncomfortable and agonizing. Everybody has a secret, maybe tow, three, or four secrets, which one determined not to share or disclose to anybody else. They are secrets which a holder hopes to bring to his grave. Some recovering patients go back to chemical dependence due to painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing process, though this is one of the most important processes for recovery.

Small advice from a friend may be very helpful for those who feel uncomfortable to take this step. One day when a patient expressed his uneasy feelings about sharing his shameful secret, his friend helped him by telling her own story. She said that when she told her older brother the same thing, he told her that she was carrying a thing which is too big. If the thing she was carrying was awkward, heavy, and big, her brother could help her carry her stuff. He told her further that if she continued to hold it by herself, it would become too big for her to keep holding. Later, she might have a bigger problem.

She told him her secret. She was later glad she did. It helps to share some awkward secret with someone who one feels less uncomfortable. It worth trying, if it prevents one's heart from broken. One should take time to consider with whom he can share his secret. The one should be neutral interest or no conflict of interest. If one cannot select anyone, he would think to consult to his church clergyman or his psychiatrist.

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