Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yesterday Is History, and Tomorrow Is Mystery

Mr. Jones is my friend. He always regrets what he did the day before. He wakes up in the morning and remembers what he said to his boss, the day before. He worries about going to his office because of it. Working in his office, he received a phone call from angry customer, and he thought he should not have said what he said to his customer. At home, his boy told him he had a lousy mark in his examination. Mr. Jones regrets that he should have pushed his boy to study harder. At the end of the day, as a result of his many regrets, he remembers that he did not do anything productive that day. He regrets it before he goes to bed.

I have another friend. His name is Mr. Smith. He worries so much about what will happen tomorrow. He has a young and beautiful wife. He worries his wife will not love him any more tomorrow. He also has a beautiful boy. He worries if he loses his son for a car accident tomorrow. His mother is old, but she is still healthy and active. He jumps one foot above from the chair he was sitting, when his home phone rings, wondering if it is the notice for his mother's passing. His job is prestigious with high pay. His boss is kind and generous man. Still he worries if his manager will be mad at his work and fire him. He constantly worries he makes a mistake in his presentation next day.

Mr. Jones can never release him from regretting. Therefore, he cannot think something productive today. As a result, his life becomes miserable and affects his life style. He thinks a lot about yesterday and his colleagues think he is almost daydreaming whole day. In the middle of his, so-called, "day-dreaming", he sighs so often that his friends think that something dreadful happened in his family yesterday.

Mr. Smith cannot stop worrying about the future. He looks being afraid of something all the time. He has lost his ability to address problems in the right moment in worrying that something terrible will happen tomorrow. He over-reacts to things. When office phone rings, he looks at the phone as if the phone itself is something evil. When his supervisor knocks his office door, he is ready to jump out of his office window. He feels miserable for his future.

Yesterday is history, and Tomorrow is Mystery. Only today is the reality. Are they not manufacturing their own miseries by their imagination and illusion? Do not let history and mystery waste your valuable time today.

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