Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time Is Given by God

When you are worrying about something, or you are angry or sad, the feeling is terrible. You try to ignore or not to think about it, but you cannot keep your attention away from it. You try to concentrate on your work, or you try to enjoy your favorite movie, but you cannot. You try to sooth your feeling by telling yourself that it is God testing you. But, you still cannot ease your emotion. Your bad feeling is there. It looks as if it will stay forever. There seems to be no solution at that moment. Is not there any solution?

Mr. Konishi works for an electronics company. He received a claim last week from a customer. He had tried to address and solve his client's problem for about a week. He had not been successful in calming them down. Mr. Konishi could not find a way to soothe his customer. All claimed problems were solved and their system was working. His client is still raging. Konishi started to worry what happens if the customer cancels the order, returns the system, and seeks a refund. His supervisor may be angry, and he may fire Konishi. He may lose current position even his job.

Mr. Konishi had kept receiving offensive complaint mails from his customer. It was starting to be personal. He started to think that they should not have said such bad things to him. He started to feel angry with them, too. He felt terrible, with mixed emotions of fear and anger.

On day one, he could not concentrate on his other works. At home, he did not enjoy anything. He could not even recognize his daughter was talking to him. He was fearful when it started. On day two, he was more angry than fearful. He thought that his customer was giving him unreasonable treatment. He did not have to be treated that way. Three days had passed. He was still receiving nasty emails from his customer. However, there was something that changed in his mind. He could shrug off his client's emails. He stopped responding immediately after he received the emails.

He realized that he had built his own anxiety within himself. He finally became relaxed allowing him to deal with the problem. He received several more emails, but they gradually died down. What was Konishi's magic to solve his problem? Well, he did not solve his problem. Time did. Time is the best healer of our fear, anger, or any bad emotion. Be aware that time can solve any problem. Time must be given by God.

When you are aware that time will solve your problem and ease your emotions, miraculously your bad feelings started to diminish. It is a good idea to take one or two days to calm yourself down instead of reacting based on your immediate emotion, especially when you feel fear, anger, or anxiety.

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