Sunday, September 23, 2012

Faithful Geyser of California

It is less than tow hours drive, from downtown San Francisco, to reach Calistoga in Napa Valley. The drive is quite simple and easy. Take Highway 101 North. Go over Golden Gate Bridge and continue to keep going north along local mountain road. Calistoga and Napa Valley is famous for several things, such as wines, hot springs, mud baths, or fine dining. Among the nature's wonders, visitors can enjoy in Calistoga, this geyser is on the top of the list. There are many geysers in the world. Japan has some, as a volcano country. New Zealand is another country one would visit for their geysers.

In the US, visitors can find geysers in Nevada, Wyoming, or California. This Old Faithful Geyser of California is one of few geysers in the world named "old faithful". The name, Old Faithful Geysers, was given to geysers having water eruption in regular time intervals. Since the natural condition of forming a geyser is not simple, it is not easy to find a geyser with regular water eruption even in the world. Conditions include such as enough amounts of underground water, heat source, pressure, or path for water to surface of the earth.

This geyser erupts the water to the air in every thirty minutes. The eruption of steam and scaling water reach sixty to one hundred feet in the air every time it erupts. Admission to this geyser is $8 for an adult. A child of the age between six and twelve is $6. Children of six years old or younger are free. An adult of sixty-five years old or older is $7. A visitor can get $1 discount with the triple A membership or their official website printout.

In the geyser area, tables and benches are provided. No food or beverage is provided. The visitor must be prepared for their eating and drinking. Visitors may see occasional small eruption, but the real eruption is big. Do not be disappointed too quick with small eruption. The major one will come.

While visitors wait, after growling sound for a few minutes, it erupts all of a sudden with a hissing sound of water scratching the ground. The water and steam reach fifty to sixty feet in a second shooting the water straight up. One time eruption lasts longer than one's expectation. It continues for at least three to five minutes.

It is known as a good prediction measure of the earthquake. When the authority observes change of eruption pattern of the geyser, such as delay of eruption or smaller amount of water, an earthquake will occur in five hundred miles in area. It is the place one hopes to visit for touching nature's spectacles.

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