Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Name of the Game

Businesspeople who tried to use the Internet for their business activities have had to survive difficult obstacles. One of their struggles was with Internet jargon such as "SEO," "PPC," "keyword marketing," etc. Coming to understand those words was difficult. Making matters worse was the fact that by the time they had understood those terms, the Internet evolved to make them obsolete. Search engines invented new technologies or changed their search rules. Their efforts to master these techniques were often in vain.

Further complicating the issue have been so-called "Magic Wands" giving people the incorrect impression that anything, even a ballpoint pen thrown away on the roadside, could be sold with "Internet Magic."

People have become confused. Despite using Internet tools as they were taught, they have not been able to achieve the results they expected. They worried they were making mistakes in using these tools. For example, take a look at a long-form capture page promoting a product or service. In many cases, one cannot know what the page is promoting without giving out an email address and creating an account. In fact, promoters were being told that they should not tell people what they are promoting until they sign up. This approach is totally wrong. Would one shop in a grocery store without being able to see the products they are selling?

There is no need to struggle with developing an Internet-based business anymore. There are "know-hows" to be successful in Internet-based business that are simple and clear. How can one use Web-based marketing tools effectively? How can one make the right decisions about the services and products you hope to promote? What are the key criteria to judge whether a business opportunity can succeed? Here are three basic points:

1.     The most important factor is understanding that having the right selection of services or products to promote is more important than knowing promotion techniques.
2.     Stop thinking about Internet-based techniques for a while. Think about elements of business, namely, people, product or services, and money. In addition, think about brand and information.
3.     Take initiative in planning and scheduling your business. Determine what will be the best and worst scenario.

Do these sound familiar? They are basics of ordinary business. The bottom line is that Internet-based business is not so different from ordinary business. The name of the game is not the number of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, it is the quality of services and products.

I developed a video "The Name of the Game," based on my experience of successes and failures. If you are interested, please click the link below:

"Name of the Game":

This is a video that follows my prior video entitled "Walk Ahead of Web 2.0." As with my first video, my second one was shot, created, and edited with inexpensive, easily available software. I did not purchase any hardware or software in order to make this motion picture. It would be an honor if this video can be your reference to success in your Internet campaign.

Shaw Funami is an owner and chief consultant of "zhen international, inc.", known as a mentor for cross cultural relationship and business consultation called "Fill the Missing Link". You can learn about his profile in Facebook, Please feel free to contact him at "" or visit his Business website.

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