Sunday, December 2, 2012

Walk Ahead of Web 2.0

We sometimes use terms such as "Web 1.0" and "Web 2.0" to mark the development of trends in Internet evolution. Web 1.0 marked the stage when people started to search for information, and when Yahoo and Google grew into big businesses. It was a time when people were making use of a new method of information collection, which analysts have referred to as "Find Me." Web 1.0 could therefore be categorized as the "Finding" revolution. By contrast, Web 2.0 is referred to as "Join Me" because of its focus on information-sharing by participation in a service. The flagship businesses that represent this stage of Internet development are Facebook and Twitter.

Because of the way the Internet has changed communication around the world, its development can be considered the third most important revolution after the invention of paper and the Industrial Revolution. Still, businesspeople are struggling to deal effectively with Internet-based business. Are you interested in knowing what is happening in Internet-based businesses? What do you think will be the next stage of Internet development? What will be "Web 3.0"?

Some authorities define Web 3.0 as the "Follow Me" stage. They believe it is the stage of self-propelling information propagation, and that it is already happening. In the most recent services provided on the Internet, we can see examples of this from major service providers. Facebook now has the Facebook Page service. Squidoo provides a service to build your own websites without having to learn HTML. Obtaining a domain name is easy and inexpensive in comparison to what it was 10 years ago. Hosting services are reasonable and reliable. Webpage creation software is now easy to use. It is not difficult or expensive to build your own website however you want.

It used to be that network geeks were proud of possessing web-based business promotion "know-how," using terms such as "SEO," "PPC" and "AdWords," but these trends have been changing. Many of the once-great web-business promotional tools have lost their effectiveness. Long-form capture pages with flashy images and vivid colors are now infamous. Nobody will read them anymore. Visitors will now simply check what the page is promoting and for how much and then close the page.

Instead, what we are seeing now is simple but visual sites with motion picture presentations becoming popular. There may be people who feel headache when they hear motion picture uploaded in the site. However, school kids are shooting videos and uploading them to a video site. Once uploaded, the video can easily be embedded almost anywhere.

It is generally boring to watch an unedited video, so you may need to edit your video. However, video editing and presentation software are both powerful and easy to use, to the point that almost anybody can use them without much of a learning process or expensive investment.

I myself was able to create and upload my video using my video editing and presentation software. It was for my first video presentation site explaining future web trends. If you are interested, please click the image above or link below to watch the movie:

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