Sunday, January 13, 2013

Do Not Deny Your Dream

Have not you had an experience you have thought you would have been someone some day. For example, you might have thought you could be a successful businessperson making millions of dollars. You might have denied it 10 seconds later thinking that you will not be that good. You denied your own dreams and hopes. Please, do not deny your dreams and hopes.

One might have thought that a dream would never come true. There is a group of people carry their definition of dreams to be some things, which never come true. There are some people who do not like to have a dream, because they cannot keep their peace of mind. It would be painful for them to think about their dreams, which would never come true, despite that they wanted it come true seriously.

They are afraid of dreaming since they are not sure if they could realize it. Some of them almost determined that they could never be able to realize their dreams. It is painful to dream knowing that it would never come true. It might be true that some dreams could be just illusions. It would be understandable that some people do not hope to be dreamy separated from their own reality.

Please take a moment to think about the nature of the tendency for this denial pattern. The most important reason for one to deny their dreams and hopes is because he is afraid. His fear stops him to believe that his can make it happen. In other words, if one were not afraid, his dream would come true. Another factor is his fear that others would find he has his dream and laugh at it.

Let us examine key factors about dreams:

1. He would not realize his dream, if one did not have one.

2. His dream would never come true, if one did not take actions based on it.

3. He would not take actions if he were afraid of others would deny his dream.

His dream is his own. Nobody should reject dreams of others. One should not be afraid of others denying his dream. Everybody should be aware that no other people would think seriously about his. He is the only one who is responsible for his own dream.

Only these, who made their dreams come true, are the ones who dreamed, who took actions to make things happen, who were not afraid of others denials, and who did not give up their dreams.

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