Sunday, January 6, 2013

That Is Why It Works

It was the first story of the movie "The Matrix". Neo insisted to attack the military building to save Morpheus when all his team gave up. Neo goes back into "Matrix". Trinity follows. In the preparation stage, Trinity asked, "Nobody has tried this." Trinity meant they would not succeed. Neo answers, "That is why it works." "The Matrix" contains a lot of useful advices for life. This one gives people idea how people can take different opinions viewing the same thing. One was negative. The other was positive.

Quite recently, a good friend of mine started his business. He wanted to get into English Teaching Lessons. He had a unique idea. He explained his plan to his friend. He hoped to have his friends' opinions on his. His friends' reactions and answers were 90% negative. He should stay in his employment. His idea will not work, because nobody appreciates his way. Nobody knows his start-up company. He does not have enough money to open his school and continue running the school. Hi friends gave him many negative opinions. He became depressed. Then, he heard this Neo statement that it works because nobody has tried it, yet. He decided to go ahead for his original plan and started his own business. He does not know if he could be successful. He did he could do and launched his plan to the limited investor people. He could get a favorable response from one of investors and he could get funds.

There was another friend of mine, who started a consulting business for large enterprises. The most of his friends were pessimistic about what he was doing. He remembers that 95% of phone calls he received were negative opinion. All of his family tried to stop him. He did not change his mind. He told to himself that all these negative opinions are a good sign of his plan works. He thought if his plan was lousy people would have ignored it. An off shore electronics company sponsored him. He runs a profitable consulting firm, now.

It is necessary to listen to others' opinions. One should not ignore their opinion. The important is what he will do after listened to these opinions. Will he follow other opinions? Will he get the essence of other opinions and digest to nurture his own idea or plan? It is not so easy to keep identity of one's opinion when the one receives rejections and opposition. The most important, it seems, is that he keeps his faith to his own ideas and opinions. This is the most crucial to be successful. Do not be shaky by rejections and opposition. Keep faith on what is believable. It is not what one thinks and does. It is one believes himself.

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