Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dog Friendly Town, Carmel, CA

Every year just after Christmas and New Year, my family goes for a vacation trip. My wife and I took my wife's mother to Las Vegas and Los Angeles in 2008. In 2007, we were in Tokyo and Beijing, and so on. It is due to my family being away from home countries not having nearby or reachable family member to visit, feel a little bit.

Last year, we took new family member, white dog, Snow to the No. 1 dog friendly town, Carmel, CA. Carmel is famous for being the top 5 dog friendly city constantly. Many restaurants have dog menu. A dog owner can take his dog to inside of any shop there. In the beach, dogs are leash free like in a large dog park.

A couple of the route is available for driving from San Francisco to Carmel. One is taking 101 South. The other is to take CA-1, Pacific Highway, which runs along Pacific Ocean Coast. CA-1 has fantastic ocean views. One can plan to take several stops before reaching Monterey, Carmel area.

There were several public beaches on Pacific Highway, CA-1. A dog lover may not like if he lands the beaches which banns to bring in dogs. There are many beaches where many beaches where one cannot bring in his dog. It is not pleasant to see signboards say "No Alcohol, No Smoking, No Dogs." "Dog Friendly Town and Beach, Carmel" is particularly valuable for dog lovers.

If it is too early to check in to a hotel, one can continue to drive to Ocean Avenue, Carmel. Driving to the beach entrance, one can see so many people who walk their dogs. Dog loves can feel happy. Walking down to the beach, we found lots of dogs running around. Visitors can meet big dogs, small dogs, young dogs, and old dogs.

Shortly after we started to keep Snow, my wife and I started to realize that even American society is not friendly to pets or animals. There are people everywhere to chase out cats trying to take a nap in their back yard. In West Bay, there are lots of parks, which ban to bring in dogs. One cannot take in his dog especially to a park where there is kids amusement equipment.

Many hotels do not allow to bring pets in to stay. It goes without saying that restaurants, even with Patio Dining area, do not want people to keep dogs close to their eating area. Food shops do not let people bring in pets. Even no-food related shops do not want customers to bring pets. My wife and I took Snow to a DIY home repair center, one day. We knew that they did not mind customers to bring dogs. A customer at the cashier complained about us bringing in a dog. Instead, cashier of the shop was friendly and kind.

This is not society acceptance issue. Instead, this is people's presumption. People who have no experience with pets always have the presumption that animals are dirty, smelly, dangerous, and so forth. They imagine that any dog will bark, scratch, chase kids, and bite.

Whereas there are people who oppose to one, he can always find people who are on his side. That is the spiritual foundation for building and forming "Dog Friendly Town" or "Dog Friendly Environment". The Carmel by the sea beach is the one, which is always in the top 5 dog-friendly places.

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