Sunday, February 3, 2013

Copying Is an Important Skill to Master Something

Suppose someone starts to ski for the first time in his life. What he will do first depends on his personality. There are people who buy new clothes and equipment copying world-famous skiers. There are people who laugh at them. These are people who buy books, CD's and DVD's to learn. These people think copying just clothes and equipment of top skiers is meaningless. They think copying outside without learning and mastering internal skills and souls does not make sense.

It is true that one, wearing expensive ski clothes and equipment, looks funny if they are poor skiers. Is it so funny starting something new with copying someone who is a master, already? Copying only outside appearance may be strange. What if they try to copy the skills and souls of professional players? Copying outward appearance is just the first step for them. Do you still want to laugh at them?

Thinking about the learning process, copying plays a crucial role in learning. First a child needs to watch and listen his parents to know how they speak and act. Then, 90% of all 12 - 16 years of school education is for students to copy their teachers and seniors.

If one is new to PC, he needs to learn how he can use PC. He may need to buy a new computer desk to pub his new PC and Display. Is it unnecessary investment? It is not if he can comfortably use his new PC and spend his time using it on his new PC desk.

Learning a foreign language is all about copying. The people, who learn new expressions by their heart and go out to use them, will be those who master a new language quicker than others. Those are the ones cannot stop themselves to use new expressions they learn.

It is the same thing to learn a new sport or a Martial Art. Take a look at the form of a Martial Art. The beginner training is repeating their masters and seniors. Martial Arts' forms were so designed that students can copy basic skills easily.

Copying plays a vital part of learning. Let us stop laughing at the people who copies outward appearance of masters. It can be essential first step for a beginner to learn and master a new skill. In Martial Arts, forms are not fighting. They are not even fighting training. One who intends to master Martial Arts cannot make light of the importance of forms. If one copies and masters essence of forms, it will help him to master fighting techniques. Martial Arts beginner can buy a new outfit and copy their masters and elders in appearance first. The beginner can and will copy skills, techniques, spirits, and souls, later.

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