Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to Overcome Intrusive Negative Thoughts

Since the move to Hayward, May 2009, my wife and I are enjoying gardening in new home. There is a Blackberry Tree, which our neighbor gave to us as a celebration for moving into Hayward. My wife planted it and, enjoyed to watch it growing. End of August, it gave us some blackberries. This blackberry tree had some problems. It was planted wall side to the next-door neighbor. The tree grew its branch across the wall and grew into our neighbor's back yard. My wife tried to pull it back, but when we found it, it had grown to thick that she could not pull it back. One day, we found the neighbor dog bitten it out. The good news was we could pull the branch back. But, the bitten branch seemed not be able to grow any more.

One morning, we found a new bud was growing just right above the bitten part and started to grow the branch from the new bud. It was growing all right for 1-2 months. My wife found some bugs on a branch top. She tried to kill the bugs and used a pesticide. Next morning, we found the 2-3 inches of the branch head was dark and looked dead. We needed to cut a portion of 2 branches, which were damaged by the pesticide. Though my wife worried about the survival of the tree, I was relaxed and believed it will survive.

2-3 days later, we found a bud close to the cut by the pesticide damage. The tree recovered from the damages. It is growing again. The blackberry tree gave us a message of life. My wife and I touched and felt the power of this tree given from Mother Nature. There were damages, but it keeps growing, as if it is a matter of course.

We should learn from this blackberry tree for living our lives, I thought. We all have happy times, bad times, pleasant times, sad times, and hard times. We may feel hurt, damaged, blue, confused, and beaten from time to time. But there is no time for stopping. If we stop there because of the hardship, it will be difficult to start moving again. We should go over the difficulties and continue to grow and walk. Let's continue to move ahead like this blackberry keeps growing. We should not allow our damages to take over us. We should overcome all these hardships. We will reach our goals if we do not stop going ahead. Do not forget that Mother Nature will take care of us as she takes care of the blackberry tree.

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