Sunday, March 17, 2013

You Will Not Get It Until You Try

Japan is unique in its history in many ways. One of the unique facts about Japanese history is its civil revolution and its modernization. Japan is a unique country that achieved modernization without civil war. It was 1895, when American Battle Ships, headed by Commodore Matthew C. Perry, appeared in Edo Bay, asking free trade with Shogun government that time. In later 19th century, American and European super powers were present in Japan. Another miracle in Japanese history is the fact that she did not become a colony of these super powers at that time.

There were reasons why Japan did not have a blood shed civil war for her modernization, and why Japan did not become a colony of superpowers. There are always people behind the historical events. There were groups of people who envisioned peaceful government change without civil war, believed that they could achieve the peaceful revolution, and realized it.

The center figure of this group was "Ryoma Sakamoto". Ryoma belonged to lower class of Samurai hierarchy in Tosa-Han, the feudal domain of Tosa, now Kochi Prefecture of Shikoku Island. His class of people needed to obey upper class Samurai. They were half farmers or merchants classified as lowest in Samurai structure. Ryoma and his class people could not be a part of local government in Tosa-Han. He would never be able to talk directly with local lord. He did not like the system and hierarchy. Ryoma escaped from Tosa-Han. He was 26 years old.

Cho-Shu-Han, feudal domain of Cho-Shu, now Yamaguchi Prefecture, was a military power, in west Japan. They were trying to overthrow Shogun government. Unfortunately, they were not strong enough to win Shogun. They had lost a war against Shogun. Satsuma-Han, feudal domain of Satsuma, now Kagoshima Prefecture, was another power. They were, however, in side of Shogun and fought against Cho-Shu-Han. They regarded each other to be the worst enemy. Ryoma decided that Cho-Shu and Satsuma need to form an ally to defeat Shogun Government. Nobody believed Cho-Shu and Satsuma would shake hands with each other. Even his own friends and colleagues were telling Ryoma that it is impossible. Ryoma proposed that Cho-Shu used Satsuma-Han to get approval from Shogun Government in buying necessary weapons from Europe. His idea interested both of them. They met in 1866 formed an alliance foundation to fight against Shogun government.

Later, Ryoma moved Local Lord of Tosa-Han, his own country. Tosa-Han joined the ally of Cho-Shu and Satsuma. 3 powerful feudal domains alliance made the non-blood revolution possible. This non-blood revolution did not give a moment and reason for superpowers to made her their colony. Ryoma Sakamoto was thinking "Outside of Box", out of common sense and knowledge. The society and custom of feudalism did not bind him think differently, going ahead, try, and achieve his dream.

There are 3 points to learn from Ryoma:

1. Think and decide if you want to get it.

2. If you do, do not think how difficult to do it. Think how to do it.

3. Do not listen to negative opinions. Go ahead and try.

One will not get it, unless he tries it.

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