Sunday, March 24, 2013

Making Mistakes Is Better Than Doing Nothing

This seminar was on mental development for entrepreneurs. It taught that being a self-employed requires different mentality from an employee. The most of the contents were general on business as a self-employed. The contents included pioneer spirit, think outside of the box, self-branding, and so on.

There was, however, notable points, which were eye-opening. The cost for the seminar was about $1,000. It was worth investing this much, however. That point motivated me to share with readers of this article. The message could be described in the following 3 points:

1. Do not be afraid of going ahead of trying something new.

2. Do not be afraid of making mistakes.

3. Remember making mistakes is better than not doing anything.

The first point is clear and simple. Everybody has an experience to do something, for the first time. He will be uncomfortable, annoyed, puzzled, and afraid. He cannot, however, procrastinate, since soon or later he needs to decide if he does it or not. Once one decides to do, he should not be afraid of trying. He should go ahead and start doing.

The second point touches upon reason why one hesitates to start something. He hesitates because he does not want to make a mistake. He needs to break down the wall he has in his mind. The wall is his fear of making a mistake. This is what the seminar taught. Let us consider the employment situation, first. If one is an employee, avoiding to make a mistake may not be bad. In this sense, there is a choice for an employee to do nothing new, simply in order not to make a mistake. If he is a self-employed, it does not make sense decide not to do anything new due to the possibility of making a mistake.

It was a decision one made to be a self-employed. He could not be afraid of the decision he made. Being a self-employed is like being a cowboy in the Wild West. He needs to be determined to continue trying something new. He will be fearful for failing. He will be reluctant. He will be afraid of making mistakes. He will feel miserable when he makes mistakes. He will regret to take some actions. He will feel like crying some times. He will feel constant pressure. This sounds terrible. The reward, however, is huge, when one breaks his mental wall and go ahead and succeed.

The last point shows the motivation for trying something new. If he succeeded in doing something new, it was great. Even if he did not succeed, and he made a mistake, it would be still okay. He learned that it did not work from the mistake, at least. People say Thomas Edison made more than 20,000 mistakes. When interviewers asked him about it, he stated he proved other 20,000 ways did not work. A self-employed must have Thomas Edison's mentality. One can be proud of making mistakes. If he did not do anything, nothing happened. We need to remember that making mistakes in the course of actions is better than doing nothing.

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