Sunday, May 5, 2013

3 Remarkable Messages From Ancient Chinese Strategist

First, let us take a look at the messages:

1. Fighting against other countries is an important decision making for live or die of a nation, people, and the government. The fighting should be the final option for governing people. They should not use military power so easily to others.

2. Those, who win, will win easy win. Those, who analyze themselves, their enemy, and the surrounding situation have a better chance of winning.

3. Those, who won 100 fights and never lost, are not the best of bests. The best of bests are those who win without fighting.

These are words of wisdom, which appear in the first strategy book, in human history. The name of this book is "Sun-Zu". The book was written and published 2500 years ago, if not older. Historians say that ancient generals, "Sun-Mu" is the author of this strategy book. Truth is unknown. We, living in the modern world, can read his book thanks to an ancient king "Cao-Cao", who re-edited this book in 200BC, still 2250 years ago.

Before "Sun-Zu", win and lose a war was the subject of destiny. People regarded it as a result of God's will. It was why old time generals and kings prayed for God before going to wars. Future tellers accompanied in the war because of this reason. There was no strategic know-how textbook, telling kings and generals how to win a battle before "Sun-Zu".

"Sun-Zu", being a war strategy book, teach people how to win a war. Generals or kings in even 17th - 18th century used this book as their textbook in fighting. Some historians believe that Napoleon Bonaparte was also the one loved and used this book.

This book is not just war textbook as one can see on the above messages. It is remarkable to point out that going into the war is a monumental decision for a king or governing people. Hence they should never easily choose to exercise their power. It is fascinating to learn this message was on the top of his list.

Business people in the world today loves 2nd message. The one who analyze yourself, study your opponent, and know on the competition will win any game. "Sun-Zu" is the favorite topic of Japanese business books and magazines as a good reference to play a game called marketing.

3rd point has continued to attract people for 2500 years in human history. It is noteworthy that this strategist taught people that winning without fighting was more valuable than winning 100 wars.

There is no wonder this book keeps attention of people for a long time. The world leaders today should revisit these ancient wisdom before they decide to send young people to battlefield.

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