Monday, December 7, 2009

About Digital Products

I am in the middle of launching a great affiliate and sales service for digital products with my friend who is a successful internet marketer.

It is not unusual to hear about Internet Market Guru or Successful Internet Marketer.  But, not so many appear in front of us.  It is because many of them are CREATED figures or self-advocating Internet Market Guru living studio apartment by himself.  There are some who try to cheat you.  There are some skepticism in Internet Business world.

But, my friend is a real person who you can talk with, touch, or exchange views and opinions if you wish. And, there are good advantages in the market of Digital Products, as my JV partner friend and I explain:

#1.  You do not have to keep buying ridiculous amount of products and keep them in your home as inventory.  You can set up download site and your customer can download the file as they wish.

#2.  It is relatively easy to change, add, or delete your products, since it is existing in website.  Or you can have variety of products as many as you wish to have without spending so much money.

#3.  May related services, such as ads, promotion, video, audio, etc... are provided free in Internet world.  It may not be too simple, but you can make yourself familiar using them free.

Yet, there are some certain points to be kept in mind.  The largest point is that you should not just copy or duplicate what others are doing.  You should have your own products, website, promotion, advertisement, etc...  You may think it is not easy to keep your identity in the Internet world.  You can relatively easily achieve and maintain your identity by following our program.

Here is a video testimonial I made after I tried my friend's program for about a month:

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Shaw Funami
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Marketing Unscrambled, learn to earn 14 said...

Thank you Shaw,

That is good information to know about. It is always helpful to learn more and keep things updated. To help with business and keep it growing.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Shaw said...

Hello Dan and Deanna,

Thank you for your comment. This product is just a starting. I will have more in near future. Please stay tuned!!

Thanks, again!
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

Digital Product BootCamp said...

Thanks for the great words for Digital Product BootCamp. We are so happy that you are learning so much and making good progress!

Your testimonial is great we love it!

To Your Success!
Darren and Joanne Utke

Shaw said...

Hello Darren and Joanne,

Thank you for your coming and thank you for your comment. I love your program and have no doubt it will go successful. That was what I wanted to say in my testimonial.

Thanks again,
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link