Saturday, March 13, 2010

May I help you?

Some times I remember when I spun out from my former employer and started my own business in US.  I made so many mistakes in carrying out my own business instead of taking orders from my previous bosses.  Being a self-employed requires a whole lot different mentality from being employed.  Typical example is Risk Management.  Established companies tries to avoid risks.  If more than 5% risky, they would not go ahead on a project.  But, being self-employed must take risks.  Otherwise, nothing happens.

For this reason, taking successful self employed person and try to let him lead big organization may not work.  Successful employee may not be continued to be successful for being self-employed for same reasons.  It is not good or bad.  They are simply different.  Their qualifications and requirements are simply different.

However, there are some common as long as you carry out a business, any business.  It is very basic.  It is "Spirit of Help".  When your computer is not working, you pick up your phone and call service.  First thing you hear as soon as you could come across live person is "May I help you?"  Some times, this person does not sound helpful at all.  But, this is not just a saying.  It is basic about business.  It is core spirit of business.

Seems to me now it is important to know about this and not to forget it in carrying out business.  Why does your customer pay their money and buy your products and services?  Because your products and/or services help them.  So, I would like to put this to the top of my business principle list.  "Being Helpful".

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