Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Passion" and "Vision" -1

Yataro Iwasaki, founder of Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan, tells us how important to be passionate and visionary.  It is not just mental status, it is not just clean and decorative words to be successful.  His personal history tells us clearly about bitter actuality walking the road to be successful.

Yataro Iwasaki was born in Lower Class Samurai family, who usually could not get education provided by local government that time in Japan.  That did not discourage him at all when he was very young.  He educated himself while he was selling bird cages to help his family's income in his teens.  Later, he nominated himself to study in Tokyo (Edo it was called that time) and could study in Tokyo.  His academic achievement drew higher class management, and he was selected to be a Tokyo economy staff of the local government.  His father was arrested when he was in Tokyo and protecting his father and advocating his fathers innocence, he was fired, first time.

He and his father were put in a jail for a while, after he was released, he reclaimed his innocence and ability and hired back.  Higher class Samurai colleagues did not enjoy Iwasaki posted in higher position than themselves.  Iwasaki was again accused for no reason and fired again.

Ryoma Sakamoto, who was the most important feature in Meiji restoration, picked up Iwasaki and Sakamoto and Iwasaki became independent partners, giving birth to "Kaien-tai", first trading firm in Japan, which became "Mitsubishi Corporation", later on.  His humbleness made him to say that he was just fortunate, but I believe he would not be able to keep going without passion and vision.

My passion belongs to the promotion of my own business, SOHO.  Future of economic growth and happiness in business lays on this form of business instead of being employed and tied down despite of his own preferences.  So, blessed are the entrepreneurs who struggle to be successful.  The futures is ours.  It is my passion.

I used too much on Iwasaki, I need to wait for next post explaining my vision.  Hope you understand.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. so many people fail and grow from their own ruins, they are prepared to be humble and to learn more and work out what works etc. Iwasaki, his family, and friends/partners must have worked really hard, using all their skills and intelligence they had.

Go well - have a good weekend .. Hilary

Jonny said...

Hi Shaw, Thanks for introducing Iwasaki. I am in Japan right now and can see what you mean.

Any plans to come back to Japan for round 2?

Shaw said...

Dear Hilary,

Thank you for your comment. We all do not like to see all we built became ruin. But, it happens as an iron cold lives' realty. The question is if one can rise from there to build stronger and better. You are right about the fact that Iwasaki and his people worked hard to build not only for their own sake, but also for Japanese industrial development.

Thanks, again,
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link

Shaw said...

Hi Jonny,

Thank you for your comment. I would assume Japan is still cold, right? I vaguely plan to go back to Japan around summer time. I will continue to write Iwasaki and Ryoma Sakamoto's articles. My 2nd round start from here in SFC.

Thanks again, I am glad you enjoyed my article. Please come back.

Best regards,
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link.

Shaw said...

Hi Jonny,

I clicked your link and registered "Tokyo.Japan" website. Could you tell me how I can find you?

Thank you for your reply.
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link