Thursday, February 3, 2011

EzineArticles, I was upgraded to be "Platinum Author" status!

It was almost 3 years ago when I took membership of  I wrote several articles for my company's brand promotion.  My 1st one was accepted, but 2nd one was rejected.  I have almost given up to have my articles accepted.  A good friend of mine recommended me to keep writing in EzineArticles and reopened writing and submitting.  As an international writer and non-native English author, it was not so easy to keep writing in English.  But, this time, I was determined to continue.  I took part in "One hundred articles in one hundred days (#HAHD)" article marathon.  My first trial failed miserably.  In my second trial, I could write, submit, have accepted 100 articles in 100 days.

EzineArticles has 3 ranks of their authors, namely, "Basic", "Basic Plus", and "Platinum".  Due to English problem, I have been kept in "Basic Plus" status for long time.  It looked as though impossible to become a "Platinum" level author.  After successful participation in previous #HAHD, I started to seriously study how I could be a "Platinum" author.  I changed proofreading site. I read my own articles 3-4 times before submitting.  I proofread myself on logic in my article, first time.  In the second time, I checked if my English sounded natural for me.  I started to use web-service for grammar check and proofread again after the site check finished.  Then I submitted for a third party proofreading site.

In past 25 submission, none of my articles was rejected because of English reason.  It was good sign.  Today after I came back from a business meeting, EzineArticles notified me that I was upgraded to be "Platinum Author" status.  I was really glad at this news.  As a non-native English speaker, sometimes I thought I had been day dreaming something impossible.  Actually, my articles were rejected so many times because of English reasons.  Once my entire account was suspended because too many English mistakes.  Now I am glad that I did not give up.  I encourage advanced non-native English speaker to challenge this EzineArticles and #HAHD, since it provide us of good challenge and serious improvement.

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. congratulations on the upgrade - that's great being recognised considering English isn't your first language.

Enjoy the weekend .. cheers Hilary

Shaw said...

Dear Hilary,

Thank you for your comment. I was real glad about this. I was lucky, but it was true that I made effort. I am also glad that effort makes a difference.

Keep in touch!
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link