Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Find the Missing Element to Your Own Success

I have a belief that business is like playing a jigsaw puzzle. No matter how successful you are, you have a certain missing element. Having a missing element is not all bad however. Be aware of the missing part and try to fill the missing link to form power to move forward as endless energy. Obviously, however, there are some points that we should be careful about. The most important factor is not to panic even if you find too many missing parts. If you stay calm and challenge all missing parts, you will successfully address the problem and fill in the missing link.

Think starting a company for your own business. You just open the base paper of the puzzle. You have not even picked up a piece of the puzzle. Some people feel panicky; some enjoy it as a challenge. It may be the first step to address and fill one's lacking elements if you are an entrepreneur. To make the model simpler, let us focus on an entrepreneur. How does the entrepreneur find his missing parts to his success, and successfully address it.

Now, we need to consider why someone cannot be successful in business. There will be a list of reasons. One does not have enough money. He does not have cooperative staff. He does not have the required knowledge and background education. He does not have enough knowledge of the market. The list goes on and on. All these things could be missing links. However, before addressing these micro elements, he should be fully aware that there is just one missing thing that he is not fully aware of - passion. If one has passion, he would not mind challenging all these missing links and solving them.

The first business person during the Meiji era in Japan was named Yataro Iwasaki. Yataro was originally from a Samurai family. He was educated in how to use swords, how to fight, and how to be a good samurai. He did not know anything about business. But one thing he had that most of us do not was passion. He wanted be a merchant so badly that his motivation propelled him to become an entrepreneur. Although he did not make any money from the first several attempts, he did not give up. He continued to search for what he was lacking and to improve himself. He became a real businessman as the founder of Mitsubishi Corporation, which is, to this day, the largest company in Japan.

Yataro Iwasaki's story clearly shows us one thing. If we are just copying or following somebody else, if we are skeptical about what we are doing, or if we constantly doubt our own success, we are more than 99% likely to fail. Instead, if we are passionate, faithful, and confident about what we attempt, our success is almost guaranteed. The rest will follow. The author's advice to those lacking in any area is "Go back to the original question: Am I as passionate as I was in the beginning?"

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