Sunday, February 13, 2011

My God Will Save Me

The other day, my wife told me a joke about a relationship between people and Higher Power. There was a man thrown out of his ship by accident. He was floating on the ocean. His crew did not notice that he fell into the ocean. Later, his family gave notice to the vessel crew, and they sent a help signal to the ships nearby. A fishermen's boat was close. It came to rescue him. The person, floating on the ocean, told the fishermen that he did not need their help. The fishermen asked why. He answered, "Do not worry. My God will save me."

The coast guard sent a rescue ship. When the rescue ship reached him, he repeated his answer that he did not need their help because his God would save him. A rescue helicopter arrived at the scene. He was still stubborn to repeat his position that he would wait for his God to save him.

A long time passed. He died. After his death, he met his God and asked Him why He had not saved him. His God answered that He had sent a fisherman's boat, a rescue vessel, and a rescue helicopter, but he did not take any of them.

My mother-in-law laughed at the story, but I could not. It is a funny story, but there is a point that we would not be able to simply laugh or shrug off, and forget. It is a misunderstanding any human being will make, as this poor person did. It is a misunderstanding that our interpretation is absolutely correct. Do we not think our spouse is always wrong during a family argument? How often do we admit that we were wrong?

When we make serious decisions, we tend to think that there is no other choice. We hope and believe our choice is the best. We should not forget, however, that there are many choices. We would be able to come up with many other choices if we were not directly involved in the matter. Our views would be subjective, opinionated, and prejudiced. Our decisions may be based on our hopes and wishes that things will work in our favor.

Let us not be misguided by our misunderstanding. Since we are human beings, our thoughts and decisions may be wrong. We should be fully aware of this before we make any important decision. There is no such a thing as "absolute righteousness" in human thinking. Upon making an important decision, we should think twice, or seek an opinion of a neutral third-party.

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