Sunday, June 26, 2011

How to Accomplish Something

There are many authors, including myself, who have written on how to be successful in business, relationships, or life. All of these things are useful advice. However, most of them magnified one aspect of the entire process to accomplish something. Also, based on my own writings in the past, I wanted to put down the whole picture of the process on how to accomplish things. The keys of being successful could be put in the three categories. They are: Do's, Don'ts, and Emotional Attitudes.

I) First, let me list some Do's to accomplish something:

1. Set the final goal and make it as concrete as possible.

2. Set the time schedule. Set the target on how quickly one can accomplish it.

3. Set goal milestones. Celebrate whenever you reach your milestones.

4. Keep finding and filling your missing links.

5. Listen to others' wisdom.

II) The following are Don'ts to accomplishing something:

1. Do not do what you cannot be comfortable with.

2. Do not do what you are skeptical about.

3. Do not do what you cannot be sure of doing.

4. Do not copy what someone else has done.

5. Do not be influenced by someone's opinion. Instead influence them.

III) Emotional Attitudes:

1. Be relaxed, confident, and stable about your final goal.

2. Be positive about the achievement.

3. Do not be influenced by others; influence them.

4. Do not go panic when things do not go as you expect.

5. Accomplishing something is a journey and you should enjoy the entire process.

Let me explain some key issues here. The above is an important process. By setting milestones, you can visualize your progress of accomplishment. It is terribly difficult for us to continue to make an effort without knowing how much progress we have already made. Celebrate and commemorate when you reach your milestones. The fourth step is an ongoing effort. Striving to accomplish something is like filling something that is missing to achieve your goal. Do not be afraid of finding out that something is missing.

On the second category II, I would like to explain more on the fifth step. Even though you think you are confident, comfortable, and sure about your final goal, sometimes you will become skeptical or uncomfortable. You would not be as confident as before. Do not listen to the negative opinions of others. Instead, attempt to explain what you are trying to do to others.

In the last category, the most prominent item is the fifth step. Rome was not built in a day. Building Roma must have been great fun. Understand that it is a journey to accomplish something and you should enjoy it.

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