Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Anything Can Happen With a Positive Attitude!

Before I discuss why anything can happen with a positive attitude, I should define what it is. This kind of concept can be subjective to define, but I believe the attitude is to look at the bright side of things. Someone who has a positive thinking will feel doubly happy when something good happens. He or she looks at the bright side of things whenever things are not going well. Every cloud has a silver lining. People with positive attitudes are the ones who always find silver linings, and try to make things better. Thus, their unhappiness on unhappy occasions is only about one-tenth of the unhappiness of someone who does not have a positive thinking.

Additionally, those with positive attitudes have a different way of measuring degrees of success. Let's say you are walking to the nearest station, and are halfway there. What do you consider your progress? Have you reached the station? Maybe you have not. Maybe you feel you have not reached the station until the moment you step inside. In this sense, even if you have completed 99% of your journey, you have not reached the station. In contrast, a person with a positive nature thinks even his or her first step to the station accounts for 1% of reaching it. If that person came half the way, he or she would say they had completed 50% of their journey.

In this way, his process of approaching the station would be considered having come 99% of the way.

Do you see the difference? If one continued to think he or she had not yet reached the station, the walk would become painful. On the other hand, if one felt closer with every step, the walk would be enjoyable. Those feeling pain would quit walking and not arrive at their destination. In contrast, those with positive attitudes would surely reach the station-the final goal. The probability of people successfully achieving something is high if they enjoy the process, and can feel 30%, 50%, or 80% accomplished, for example. People with positive attitudes would surely accomplish the task 100% since they enjoy the process.

Those who are positive have a different way of coping with negative happenings. Those who feel pain in the process are not strong enough to continue experiencing negative and painful happenings. The people who enjoy the process would effectively cope with negative occasions, simply because they do not want to quit.

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