Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nice Surprise Discovering Herbs in Our Garden

I cannot blame the place where I have grown up, but living in Tokyo did not provide me of opportunities to learn much about flowers, plants, or vegetables.  It was natural that I ignored some plants in our back and front yards.  My wife is interested in fruit trees, but has not shown interest in the greens as well.  Our constructor who repaired this house called us last week and asked us if we did not mind to give him some herbs he found in our garden.  Next day, he stopped by and told us which ones are herbs.

This is Mint.  He believes this is Spare Mint.  He found Pepper Mint and Green Mint, as well.  We were talking to get rid of this because it surrounded our rose.

The right side is Pineapple Balm.  We finally found it is very good to be used in cooking with soup.  My wife and I bit the leaves.  It really smell and taste like Pineapple fruit meat.

We were told that the left is called "Rue".  Slight bitterness make sweet desert to be sweeter when used with a desert such as cakes, ice creams, or Chinese style hot dessert.  This was the one our constructor wanted.  He told us he cannot find it in market place any more.  He was so glad that he found it in our back yard.

The right is a kind of Sage.  It does not give out smell too much when we picked the leaf, but when boiled with soup, it adds fresh flavor.

Almost everybody but my family knows the left is Rosemary. It gives nice flavor to meats.  It is good for broiled or BBQ style cooking of any meat.

My wife wanted to get rid of those to plant more fruit trees, we were glad that our constructor was knowledgeable about herbs.  We were also glad that he told us before we remove them.  Thank God!

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shaw .. thank goodness he was able to tell you the herbs - that's good news and to know you'll make use of them.

Glad the contractor liked the rue too - I didn't know that's what it's used for ..

Cheers and enjoy the new tastes .. Hilary

Shaw said...

Hi Hilary,

Thank you for your comment. Change location to live changes entire life-style. I never imagined myself working on garden. I found it is fun. Rue did not smell at all as it is. But it taste good when cook with food.

Thank you again.

Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link