Thursday, April 12, 2012

Be Helpful, Useful, and Friendly

Do not make mistakes like many do in carrying out your own business. If you are ex-employed person, you must be aware the difference between self-employed and being employed. The difference is you make a decision instead of taking orders from your bosses. Being a self-employed requires whole lot different approaches from being employed. Typical example is Risk Management. Established companies try to avoid risks. If more than 5% risky, they would not go ahead on a project. But, being self-employed must take risks. Otherwise, nothing happens.

In this way, taking a successful employee person and try him to carry his own business may not work. Successful self-employed may not be continued to be successful for leading a big organization for this reason, as well. It is not good or bad. They are simply different. Their qualifications and requirements are different.

However, there are some common elements as long as you carry out a business, any business. It is very basic. It is "Spirit of Help". When your pick up your phone and call a company for service. First thing you hear put through to across live person is "May I help you?" This person may not sound helpful at all. But, this is not just a saying. It is basic about business. It is the core spirit.

It is important to know about this and not to forget in carrying out business. Why does your customer pay their money and buy your products and services? It is because your products and services help them. So, this is a top of my business principle list. "Being Helpful". "Being Useful" and "Being Helpful" are the face and tail of coin. If you are useful, you can be helpful. But, if you are not friendly, nobody wants to talk with you. So, adding "Be Friendly" to these factors could complete outer triangle. 3 factors are "Be Helpful", "Be Useful", and "Be Friendly".

Now let us talk about inner core triangle. Almost all of successful entrepreneurs talk about mental strength. What forms mental strength and maintain it? "Vision" and "Passion" do.

Even if you have a map to the top of Mt. Everest, you do not expect yourself to be able to reach the pinnacle. You will never know how difficult it could be to actually reaching to the mountaintop, without climbing it. Your map can show roads, rivers, woods, elevation of land, but it does not show you when it rains, snows, blizzard, or sand storm. You may come across a bear or fierce animals. You will never know these just by staring at your map.

In order to cope with all these unknown factors and reach to the summit of the mountain you are climbing, you need to train, gain, regain, and maintain the mental strength. If you have "Vision" of your business, and promote it with "Passion", you will be able to gain "Mental Strength" and maintain it.

3 factors in gaining and maintaining control of your business are "Vision", "Passion", and "Mental Strength". All these changes or get thinner and vague over time, you need treat them as dynamic and continue to revisit.

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