Sunday, April 8, 2012

Psychological Barriers

When one challenges something new, there are many difficulties and obstacles he needs to overcome. If one is starting own business, the list of action items is miles long. What should be the trade name of his company? What products or services the company is engaging? Where can he get the money? How shall he spent the money? How many employees shall he hire? He cannot list them all. In exact meaning, they are not difficulties or obstacles. Those are action items. His mental obstacles might be bigger than those exciting action items.

He doubts if he is making a right decision. He fears if he fails. He worried what is their family or friends reaction. He worries if he can get enough money. He worries if he could develop the products he wanted. His worries are endless.

Although he can worry about almost everything, there are only 3 significant psychological barriers for his challenge:

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1. Fears for new decisions
2. Objections from friends and families
3. Middle of success obstacles

No matter what one is trying to do, the first large barrier to prevent one to start is himself. He thinks it is a terrific idea. He thinks it works. However, he cannot be sure. He cannot be confident to make it happen. He first needs to address his fear based on himself.

Second psychological barrier is one's family and close friends. When he talks with his family and close friends, 95% of the people show opposition to what he wanted to do. Because they are his family and close friends, he will be strongly influenced. Some objection comes with emotional background. It can depress the one, even.

Last barrier is the hardest for one to overcome. After a while, he could come over those barriers. He started his business. He struggled for a while. He made all the effort. Finally, he was leading the business successfully. He was happy and satisfied. He would be ready for the next challenge. Then, something happens. It is almost always something terrible. For example, your trusted accounting colleague ran away with your money. Your engineering key person got seriously sick and would not be able to come back to work. He could be sick and would not be able to work for next 3-4 months.

Even for people who could successfully overcome the first and second barrier, it is not easy to come over the last obstacle. It happens with serious emotional impact because it happens in the middle of the smooth operation. Unfortunately, however, it will happen. The one needs to be prepared for this difficulty and ready to cope with it.

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