Friday, April 27, 2012

Reactions From Others Are a Mirror Image of You

Human beings are weak creatures. Others easily upset us. They make us remorseful, fearful, or angry. We usually say he or she upset us. They made me fearful, or angry. Is this correct? Once a philosopher said, "When you give love, you will receive love. If you give hate, you will receive hate." If you give anger, you will receive anger. If you are thankful, you will be thanked. Although I cannot determine if this is a universal principle, this advice gives us useful tool to understand why we come across happiness or difficulties in our lives.

This is a story of a dog and an old owner. Once upon a time in Japan, there were two old men living in a nearby village. One was friendly and honest. The other was distrustful and unfriendly. The friendly old man was "Yosaku". The other was "Gohei". Yosaku's dog was "Taro". Yosaku was poor, but he loved his dog, Taro. Taro seemed to love his owner Yosaku, too. One day, Taro was barking like crazy in Yosaku's backyard. Taro was barking at a corner of his yard. It appeared that Taro wanted Yosaku to dig the part where he was barking. Yosaku dug his yard where Taro pointed. Yosaku dug out wooden boxes full of gold nuggets. He became rich.

Gohei was watching what happened with Yosaku. Gohei asked Yosaku to keep Taro for several days. Yosaku allowed Gohei keep Taro for several days. The second day, Taro started to bark. Gohei dug the place where Taro barked. He found two boxes. Gohei opened the boxes. There was no gold nugget. The boxers were full of sands. Gohei got angry and killed Taro. Gohei returned Yosaku Taro's body, the next day. Gohei told Yosaku that Taro died because he fell from a tree branch. Yosaku was sad. Yosaku cremated Taro's body and gathered his ashes. Yosaku noticed the next day that the place, where Taro's ashes were, grew beautiful flowers. He believed that Taro wanted to bring flowers to Yosaku. He scattered Taro's ashes amongst the trees in his backyard. Despite it having been the middle of winter and those trees were half dead, trees started to bloom flowers as soon as Taro's ashes touched them.

This is a story for Japanese small children. This story ends right there. It does not say what happened with Gohei, later. It does not say how Yosaku lived after that. It appeared to be teaching children that happiness never comes to bad people. Only happy people can receive happiness. Again, if one gives happiness, he receives happiness. People's reaction is the mirror image of your attitude. Next time when you are angry, you may want to think if you are not giving anger.

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