Sunday, April 22, 2012

Musashi, the Strongest Swordsman in Japanese History

Musashi Miyamoto is this swordsman's name. He fought sixty times in his life and never lost one. There were so many famous fights. There is an infamous one, too. He killed thirteen years old son of Sword Master whom Musashi killed in earlier duel. The students of this Dojo brought this thirteen years old boy, son of the late master, into the duel. Musashi killed the boy to confuse thirty Dojo students. He killed more than ten swordsmen in the duel including the boy and escaped. It might have been the only way for him to survive. Later, Musashi was writing to regret that he killed the boy. He explains that he was the head of this Dojo's group, thirteen years old or not. He must have killed the head to win.

The most famous duel is the one against his rival, Kojiro Sasaki who was famous for skills and speed of steel art. Kojiro used six feet long sword with no problem and could cut fast flying swallow twice during the bird was flying in front of him.

In the duel, Musashi was late about 2 hours to appear in the place. Musashi was waiting for the time when he could position behind Sun so that Kojiro's eyesight would be hampered by sunlight. Kojiro tried not to be upset. However, he could not control his emotion. When Musashi appeared, Kojiro rushed to him and pulled out his six feet long sword and threw out the sheath. Musashi said to Kojiro "You are already lost. Your sword has no place to be back in." In addition, Musashi to fight effectively against long sword of Kojiro's prepared the seven feet wooden sword which he made from boat oar. Musashi kept his sword behind putting the tip of it into the ocean water so that Kojiro could not see the length.

When Kojiro approaching, Musashi was measuring the distance. Musashi figured the moment and distance, which is too long for Kojiro's sword to reach Musashi, but short enough for Musashi's wooden sword to strike Kojiro. Musashi took that short moment and swung down his wooden sword. After two hours wait for Musashi appeared on the duel scene, the fight ended in one second.

Musashi won the duel despite that Kojiro's skill might have been better than Musashi's. Musashi's strategy was to deprive Kojiro of his stability of mind. Kojiro did not expect Musashi would use longer blade than him. Musashi knew his own weakness and covered it by mind control and physical preparation. Musashi was the one who kept his stability of mind including the time preparing for his duel. Despite of his skill and speed, Kojiro lost because he could not maintain "Status of Peace" in his mind. There is something, which one can learn from the fight. The stability of mind is essential to be successful.

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