Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Experience in Article Writing and Submission

It was a big and significant decision for me to participate in an article submission site in English. Being a nonnative English speaker, I originally thought it is too much to take part in an English Article site. But, I liked writing an English Article, I decided to join in an English article site. They regularly host article submission event writing one article in one day every day. When I tried in summer last year, I failed miserably. I gave up in the earlier stage. I was sick in the early July. Even after recovered from my sickness, I did not feel up to writing articles for a long time. Suffering from a sense of failure, I did not have the courage to write another one.

It was middle of September, 2010, when I received an email invitation to the next event. My first reaction was negative. I thought there is no way I could participate in the challenge, again. I had not thought about it for a couple of days. Then, I received a personal message from a Japanese friend on Facebook. She wrote that she had noticed that I had been writing articles in English. She introduced herself, saying that she studied English by herself, dreaming about making friends with people in the world. She said she had enjoyed my articles, especially the ones which talked about Japanese culture. She wished to write her own articles some day. She concluded by asking me to continue writing articles in English.

It was beyond my imagination that my Japanese friend sent me an encouraging message like it. Her message was helpful. I started to feel fortunate because I could write articles in English. Suddenly I remembered that I had not written an article for one and a half months. Needing some motivation to start writing articles, I decided to take part in the next event of article writing.

During the event, my account was suspended for about two weeks because one of my articles was rejected too many times. It was October when I got a new project to create a website for a Japanese client who hoped to have his site both in English and Japanese. I became busy working on my new web development work. This new project took much of my time. When I found my own time to start writing articles, it was already past midnight. However, I did not want to give up this time. I decided to wake up at least one hour earlier than before to start designing my new article of the day.

When I finished this event on December 29th, 2010, I felt so relieved and happy. This time I had done it. When I received a congratulatory email from the site owner, I was proud of my accomplishment. I was glad I started to write and submit my articles in English.

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