Sunday, June 10, 2012

For International Writers

It has been more than four years since I started to write and submit my articles in article submission sites. Since English is not my first language, it was not easy for me to continue writing in English. My problems include not just English but also topics, contents, messages, and time. Time is always running against me. An author is always under pressure to write an article in a short time without sacrificing the contents. A writer would never be able to secure enough time to write an article that satisfies him.

Since I have reached the highest level for an author in an English article submission site, I would like to take a moment to advise international authors whose native language is not English.

First, in selecting an article submission site, my recommendation is that an international author should choose one that has strict rules on article content and language. Although an international author would struggle at first, because the site regulations and rules are stringent and exacting, such as he cannot publish whatever he writes, his English ability and communication skill would significantly improve along the way.

I have three suggestions for selecting an article submission site:

1. Select a site that has strict policies and rules, especially on the language.
2. Select a site that provides a program requiring continuous submission of articles.
3. Select a site that recognizes your effort.

After writing an article, an international writer needs a proofreading service to correct the English, logical arrangement, and content of his topic. There are also sites offering software-editing services.

Although I found the machine services useful to understanding grammar and basic rules, I discovered that they are unable to check whether one's writing sounds natural. I recommend using sites that provide human proofreading services. Only native speakers can check to see if your English sounds natural or not.

I actually use both software and a human proofreading site to check my writing. Here are four tips for selecting a proofreading service:

1. Understand that software proofreading services cannot check whether your English sounds natural or is even grammatically correct.
2. Software proofreading services can still be useful for checking your grammar and learning the basic grammatical rules of the language.
3. Only native-speaking human proof-readers can check to see if your English sounds natural. It is better to use proofreading services that use people to write articles themselves.
4. Sometimes you may want to ask questions about corrections. It would be ideal if the service had a two-way communication option.

My English improved considerably during this process and I earned the highest-level author position. It is worth continuing English article marketing. If you are an international writer and struggling, do not give up; you will be successful if you continue to strive.

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