Thursday, July 5, 2012

3 Tips for Writing Articles

It was right before I started to write articles in "", when I had started talking with many bloggers, authors, and writers. Many of them are Americans. There are some Japanese and others. It seemed that everybody has a common problem and a big headache. How they can select a topic? Many expressed their problems that they were out of their topics after one to two weeks of writing articles every day. I used to have the same problem. I woke up in the morning and trying to find a topic of my article on that day. My problem was that the harder I tried to find a topic, the more difficult it got to get one. My writing friends agreed to it.

One interesting fact is that when I was looking for a topic, it had never come to me. Instead, a topic always hit to me, when I was more relaxed and enjoy doing something, for example, watching TV program, reading, or talking with my family. So I decided not to pressure myself too hard to find a topic. The fact of the matter was that I still needed a topic. I decided to pick one from my daily life. For example, this is my third article about writing an article. This topic came from one of my daily activities, not from special occasion or experience. The first important matter would be that one could pick a topic from his daily life.

The second would be easier. Once one selected a topic, he could start thinking about conclusion. More precisely, the writer could think about conclusion sentence. Please be noted that three to five conclusion sentences could be wrote from one topic. For example, as this article is the third article about "writing an article". The first one was "I am grateful that I start writing articles." I entitled my second one "Writing an Article in Nonnative Language". I realized that one keyword could generate three to five topics depending on how one views it.

The last point is not so easy as the first and second. The writer should not let his brain drifted away from the topic until at least he finished to write topic and conclusion sentences. All are busy in their daily lives. Do not let anything disturb you until you write down the topic keyword and topic conclusion sentences. Once one's brain drifted away from the topic thinking, it would be gone. You stay tuned in the topic until you feel enough.

The followings are the summary of how to find a topic in your articles:

1. Anything can be a topic if you wanted it to be your topic.
2. Once you selected a topic, you think about conclusion.
3. Stay in the same kind of topics until you feel enough to write about it.

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