Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love Your Enemy

Everybody has someone to whom he continues to be resentful. It might have been a long time ago when it happened. The person, who caused one resentful, had long gone. The one did not need to meet that person every day anymore. This person, still yet, is in deep inside of his mind, occasionally pops up to remind how angry he was. The one does not feel it was past. His anger is fresh, and memory is vivid. He hopes to leave this person behind and move ahead. However, he cannot push this person out of his mind. He may shrug it off. It may not be a big deal having several people to whom he continues to be angry.

Is it not terribly serious? This could be dangerous, if this resentment is so powerful that it affects the one to enter into a new relationship. It could be serious if one could not trust his spouse or partner due to his resentment. It could be more serious he could not trust anyone because of this experience. This distrust might be subconsciously affecting the one's relationship with others. If his resentment is in one's subconscious, it might have been affecting his academic achievement, job career, and even success in life.

The one does not know why he cannot chase this memory out of his mind. He has tried to ignore, leave it behind, and shrug off, but he has not been successful. If this is happening, the one should consider this is somehow traumatized in his subconscious. Therefore, this is deeply affecting his daily life as well as his social activities and his life. His resentment and hate is too large for him to leave it behind. Some like him may suffer from chemical dependency. Some other may become isolated from society and friends.

Western culture, centered on Christianity, has the message of wisdom for curing this sick state of mind. It is "Love Your Enemy". Everybody knows that it is difficult. It is, however, clearly only method to leave traumatic resentment and hatred behind.

"Luke 6:27-36 - Passage Lookup - New International Version" "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you."

If one can love his enemy and can pray for his enemy's sake, his anger and hatred will surely disappear. It is natural because he is no longer resentful to the person. Everyone should remember that resentment and hate do harm not only to his enemy, but also to himself. Since the person, who caused one's resentment, is not aware that one is still resentful, it is harming him more than the person.

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