Thursday, July 19, 2012

Now Is the Best Time to Start Our Own Business

It was only twenty to thirty years ago, the office environment was totally different from home. Offices looked nothing like home. Offices were with working desks, computers sitting in the corner of the office for everybody to share, and lots of telephones. I remember office telephones were different from home phones. Push phone started from offices when still analog dial phones were the main streams of home ones. People did not take memory sticks to home for work in their computers at home on preparing a document or a presentation.

At home, people could not do what they could in their offices. The time spent in the office was entirely separated from one at home. The people who had their own offices were supposed to be rich. It started from arrival of laptop computers. People started to carry laptop computers back home to continue to work from home. Some people bought desktop Computers so that they could bring only disks and memory sticks back home, not a whole laptop PC's. Now, the majority of people have computers at home. They use computers for their entertainment such as watching movies or playing online games. They can use them to work, too.

There were days when cell phones were expensive, and only companies could supply them to workers. Now middle school students carry cell phones. The cell phones, which those students carry, are more powerful than before.

Wide Area Network is available even in the remote area in a beach or a forest. One would work in his vacation on the beach or in mountain, if he wished to do so. Only he should do is carrying necessary device such as a smart phone or a laptop computer. The prices of computers are coming down so rapidly. An ordinary family can purchase a powerful gig byte smart phone.

Working time is invading people's private lives. It is true. It is unclear when and where people are completely away from their work. Is the situation that awful? Now all the office equipment are available in lower prices than ever before. Computers, cell phone, business style phone, printer, scanner, copier, or software. One would notice the computer, which he is using at home, was 10 times faster and more powerful than the one in his office five years ago. Instead, the price is one-tenth.

Since all the necessary tools and equipment were available, now is the best time for everyone to start his own business. If one was working, he would not have to quit his job. He would separate his work in office from his own business home. Opportunities are everywhere. Is now not the time for trying one's own business?

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