Thursday, July 12, 2012

Martial Arts Paradox

Skills and Spirits of Martial Arts always carry a paradox. When one starts practicing a Martial Art, he will soon find that his master asking you conflicting goals. His master will ask you such as "Fast, Strong, and Accurate". These are three elements to be skilled in Martial Arts. Unfortunately, however, these three cannot coexist without sacrificing each other.

For example, if a martial art fighter hopes to be fast in speed of hitting, kicking, or swing of a sword, he needs to relax his muscles. Thus, his stroke cannot be so strong, though fast speed creates some force.

Trying to be fast, one needs to sacrifice the accuracy. One can never be accurate if he goes fast. When he hopes his motion to be strong, he needs to focus on the power; his shot cannot be very fast. When one intends to strike strongly, he cannot be fast or accurate. If he wants to be accurate, he cannot be fast or strong in the same way.

The length of stroke affects all three elements. If a fighter takes long stroke for his choice of attacking technique, the strike is strong. However, it could be neither fast nor accurate. When he takes short stroke, the attack is fast. It can be accurate, but it cannot be strong. It does not make sense, even if the attack is long stroke and powerful, if it is not accurate enough to beat his opponent. It is not effective strike, even if the attack is accurate with short stroke, if it is not powerful enough to damage his opponents.

Although Kan Fu movies like flashy skills such as high kick jump kick, or fast and long stroke attacks, these long stroke skills tend to destroy the balance of the striker. This is another danger a fighter should consider. These techniques belong to long stroke strikes. Thus, they have all problems which long stroke strikes do.

Is not there any solution to these issues on each technique? There are some suggestions a fighter can keep in mind in fighting.

1) Practice long stroke skills more than short stroke ones. Long stroke skills require more strength and flexibility. They will give him sharpness of short stroke skills.

2) Be flexible. Skills were designed for some situations. Be flexible to take appropriate technique on the occasion.

3) Use balance sense. Depending on a fighter, one is good at long stroke skills. The other is skillful on short stroke technique. However, do not adhere to one's favorite. Please use balance sense to use different techniques on different occasions. The combination of both techniques provides a fighter of variation of fighting style.

Despite of movie favorite, in official tournaments or wide-area-base games of martial arts, short stroke technique typically wins a fight.

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