Sunday, November 18, 2012

3 Methods to Overcome Psychological Obstacles

When one decided to start something new, he needs to break psychological barriers telling him negative thinking. Causes of his negative thoughts are not the difficulties he is facing. The real cause of his psychological obstacles is his own fears. It is the fear that tells him that he may not achieve what he wants to accomplish. Suppose one decided to resign his job and start his own business. He worries about what will happen. He worries about his experience, his ability, his luck, and his money. His anxieties are not groundless. It is natural to worry about these when one starts own business. The key is staying so strong that these fears do not stop him doing what he hopes. Remember all these are inside of one's mind. He will never know what happens until he tries. It may be easier than one thinks.

To cope with his first fear, which his mind creates, one could think the conclusion, first. He can conclude that he can be successful because nobody else has tried it, for example. One can find any reason that he can make it happen. He can stay with the reason, with which he is comfortable. When one does something for his first time, he tends to be fearful. He shows that he is not confident. If he felt fearful, he would conclude that he could be well prepared until he became confident. If one wonders if his experience is enough, he would think it is why he could be unique and creative.

His second barrier would be objections from people who are close to him. They are his families and close friends. Breaking this barrier is not so hard once one established him to be determined in his conclusion of success. 70% of objections from one's family and close friends are not because they believe one will fail, but because they feel one's fear. Once they realize he is confident and comfortable, based on his conclusion addressing his first fear, most of them will be silent and sympathetic. Keep in mind one should not pretend to be confident. He needs to feel confident to convince them.

One started own business. He worked hard and stabilized his operation. He was more relaxed than start-up time. Then something awful happens. His partner resigns. He loses his outside financial supporter. Somebody publishes sarcastic comment in evaluation site, in Internet. He now needs to cope with "middle of success obstacle." Since it is difficult to predict when and how this obstacle arises, most of them catches him in surprise. It will shock him. This shock is the largest problem. The most critical to address and overcome this obstacle is not to surprise. Do not panic. If he did not go panic, it is one of regular business problems.

The followings are the points to overcome ones psychological barriers:

1. Conclude and determined that it will go well. Reason whatever comfortable.
2. Be confidant and stay confident in relation with family and close friends.
3. Be prepared for "middle of success obstacle". Be aware it will come. Do not panic.

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