Sunday, November 4, 2012

Emperor's Sister-In-Law

Emperor Liu was the first Emperor of Han Dynasty. Han Dynasty was the second dynasty, which formed unified China. It was 2nd and 1st Century BC. Emperor Liu was an ordinary person, who was originally from a peasant family. He was infamous in his young days as a hoodlum in a local city. There is a couple of things notable about him. He always had a lot of friends who could die for him. He was an excellent listener who uses his friends and subordinates opinions.

Liu was a merciful and generous person. He rewarded persons with distinguished services. He tended not to punish people seriously. He forgave his generals, who lost their battles, and gave them a second chance. His policy was merciful to his people and people could work hard for themselves and the Han Imperial. There were lots of talented subordinates supporting the Emperor. They were Zhang Liang for strategy, Han Xing for combat, and Xang He for politics.

Emperor Liu was also kind to his family. His brothers became high level government officers. The Emperor gave positions, jobs, and functions to his family's sons, cousins, and nephews. Liu was extraordinarily generous and merciful ruler. Everybody liked to work for him and worked hard.

This woman's name was buried and lost in history. She was the wife of Emperor Liu's older brother. In his time in China, it was custom for the oldest brother took care of the whole family members. Liu, at that time, was only a young mobster who was hanging in the city. Since his family was farmers, he would have helped farming for his family, but he would not. That was why this wife of Liu's older brother did not like Liu. She hated him.

When this woman married the Emperor's oldest brother, Liu was just a lazy young man who is not helpful for family farming. Instead, he had come back to his home occasionally. He always asked for some foods to eat. Although his brother did not say anything to this problem younger brother, his wife, Liu's aunt in law showed her hatred to Liu candidly. If her husband was not home when Liu came home, she would chase him out saying everybody was busy. She gave Liu dishes and bowls without giving him any food. Because the mother did not like Liu, her sons looked down on him. They cursed and swore Liu.

Liu became the Emperor. He was giving jobs and positions to his farm family. The Emperor's sister-in-law waited for her sons to get some jobs and positions in uncle Liu's government. He did not give any jobs and positions to her sons. She visited Emperor Liu. She asked him to get her sons positions. The Emperor answered to her; "You and your sons treated me badly when I was young. How dear you can expect me to treat your sons nicely?" Her sons had never got any positions. Let us consider again if we are kind enough to the people. Let us think if we have anybody we treated badly.

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