Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thinking About Honesty

There is no religion in the world, which allows people to be dishonest. Some philosopher talked about dishonesty of human nature. No philosopher, however, affirmed people to be dishonest. Telling a lie has been almost a crime in some cultures. Parents teach their children to be honest in any occasion. George Washington and cherry-tree story have been famous and popular all over the world. Parents pray for God so serious that their children grow to be an honest person.

The most religions and philosophies has no tolerance even to a little white lie. Priests and philosophers believe in all or nothing with respect to honesty. They believe that either a person is honest or dishonest. Even an honest person in his whole life, if he tells a little white lie, he replace himself to be a dishonest person. It is as an Angel becomes a Demon by small but willful misconduct.

There are reasons to be honest. Honesty will create one's confidence. Honest people tend to be more powerful than dishonest people. A dishonest person is afraid of something or someone find his lies. A lie does harm not only on the other, but also on the people lying. A dishonest person can never be peaceful in his mind.

The human society, however, does not keep favorable environment for human beings to be honest. Society, business, or work environment sometimes drive people not to be honest. One was hiring a web creator for design of his website. The one asked a question to his vendor, if the vendor feels confident about building his site. The vendor needs to be careful about his answer. The vendor lose this customer, if he answers that he is not confident about building the site, even if it is his honest answer. In the same way, one's supervisor will not release him until he answers there is no problem even he sees a lot of issues.

Another iron cold truth in the real world is that sometimes, one is not sure which is truth. One's boss can ask him how is his subordinates are doing. He sees minor problems such as upset customers, lost orders, and unattained sales budget. All of them, however, are not so big as they affect whole business. How one can reply to his boss? Judgment of truth and false are somewhat subjective matter. The same can apply to the above. The web creator could be confident to get the job done, even through difficulties.

There is one point that all need to be aware. It is the fact that not telling something is different from Hiding, Lying, or Cheating. These must be clearly separated. A husband could be kicked out from his home by trying not to be dishonest.

Honesty is not simple issue. It is rather complicated than it appears. There is no black or white. Only rescue for one's mind is if he maintains his faith to be truthful.

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