Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mastering Foreign Language

Almost all Japanese people believed that anybody who studied in the US could become a master of English language. Quite recently an advertisement shocked these Japanese people, because it advertised English Studying Materials, which targeted those who studied in the US. It says; If you studied in the US and still you could not be confident about your English, you can use our English Materials for improving your English. It looks that studying in US does not necessarily change a Japanese to be a master of English language.

There are students who learn English fall into the following 4 categories:

1) There are students, who studies in the US, but just hang around with Japanese students like themselves. They are the ones who never make friends with Americans and keep eating in Japanese restaurants with other Japanese. They are in the US for studying with they or their parents spending a lot of money. What a waste it is.

2) Even among company employees, who station in the US, based on their companies' business purpose, there are people who do not expose themselves to English. They use English a little more than the above students in the US, because they need to communicate with American staff. Many of them in lunchtime go out with other Japanese employees to eat in Japanese restaurants. They eat dinner and drink just with Japanese staff. When they go back to home and keep speaking in Japanese with their Japanese family. They do not have either lunch or dinner with American staff. They do not invite American people to their parties.

3) Among enthusiastic English students studying in Japan, there are people who study with just textbooks and cassette tapes. They practice their English only with their teachers and friends. They believe that their English is not good enough to communicate with native speakers.

4) There are people, who take an English Learning Material, which claims that students can master English just by listening their tapes. They say students do not need any memorization, practicing, or trying with native speakers.

Talking with fluent English speakers as foreign or second language, one can find that those who belong to the above 4 categories are the English students who will never be able to master English.

Only ones go ahead and use English will improve their language ability. Ones make mistakes in using English will improve his skills. The one who blush by his mistakes will learn the language. The ones who are afraid of using the language will not be able to develop his language ability. Only people, who use the language, make mistakes, and their face blushed by their mistakes, will improve and master a foreign language. The truth is that there is no easier softer way. There is no loyal road to learning. If there is no pain, there is no gain. If there is no effort, there is no result. Trial and error is the only way.

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