Saturday, February 16, 2008

Spam, Scam, and Cold Calls

Since I advertise here and there on *Internet Marketing*, there are favorable and unfavorable reactions from the people who came across my ads. There are people kind enough to send me e-mails for cautioning me the system I promote. I know which ad site, but it does not matter. The matter was the fact that there are people exercise wrong practice and blame the system for the poor result. The e-mail I received was in summary saying *I sent 7500 e-mails a day but no result*. I have questions here. Why need to send that many e-mails? To who he sent e-mails. Does he have 7500+ friends, I don*t. Who asked him to send that many e-mails?

I never instruct people to *SPAM*. I do not talk with people or promote system who promote *SPAM*. *SPAM*ming is like machine gun to shoot anybody 360 degrees. It is typical interpretation mistake of marketing professionals saying *Marketing is the number game*. I agree that it is the number game, but nobody told you to keep shooting the wrong side. I receive about 300 spams a day. Many of which are so funny they talk about *Cosmetic Surgery*, try to sell *Slimming Diet* (I am 6 feet tall, 160lbs), sending my wife to enhance *HER* male ability. You cannot sell *books* to the people who are visually handicapped. It is in just a sales bad joke.

I also heard the people call someone *SCAM* Artist. *SCAM*ming is the CRIME to take money and do not deliver the thing he or she promised (refer to my previous article *Internet Marketing*). Mostly you cannot find that kind of person after being scammed. It is so funny that people call someone, whose e-mail address, telephone numbers, or physical address are open and clear, *SCAM* Artist. A criminal hopes his ID is hidden and never appear in public. I experience these criminal act in US and in Japan. I still am chasing them. I filed law suits against them. If I found them, I will ask my money back or put them in jail. Do you?

*COLD CALL*s are the tele-marketing technique to call anyone try to sell something. There is an origine of *SPAM* here. It can be called *SPAM* telephone version. Or *SPAM* is *COLD CALL*, e-mail version. One day I was in a hotel lobby waiting my friend. A taxi driver, who could not find his customer, started to ask almost everybody in the lobby to check if they need a taxi. Do you think this kind of selling action is effective? Everybody started to frown and soon someone called hotel security and the driver is kicked out. You may think this does not apply to SPAM, SCAM, or COLD CALLS and I am talking too much of extreme. But if you are trying to sell *Cosmetic Surgery* to guys, male ability enhancement to ladies, it may be worse.

If your system tries to sell you e-mail list or telephone numbers of the people, quit it. It does not worth trying. You do not want to be a spammer. If you spam, scam, or cold call, please stop. Whoever you are, you do not deserve to be a criminal.

Coming back to the person kindly send me his e-mails, I swear that neither my system nor myself ask anyone to *SPAM*, *SCAM*, or *COLD CALL*. Why? We know those methods are not effective, but harmful. It is harmful to the people*s relationships and even to society. More importantly, we have more effective method we can do.

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