Sunday, November 13, 2011

How Does an Airplane Keep the Sense of Direction?

Why does an airplane reach its destination? When we drive, we all have references. These references include a sign for the road name, building, restaurant, park, or trees. In the air, however, there is no such reference. There is nothing but blue sky and clouds. No matter how long it flies, the scenery does not change. In comparison with the wide-open, huge sky, the destination airport, or even the city, is exceedingly small. So, how does a plane reach its desired destination?

There are some intelligent devices. Compass is the classic one. There is computer-aided direction equipment with a map reference in the screen. We have heard of automatic cruising control system. Are they enough? This was a question that had puzzled me for a long time.

One day, a friend of mine told me that she had a conversation with a pilot of an airplane at an airport. The pilot told my friend what flying an airplane was like --- constant correction of the flight direction of the airplane, because an airplane continuously gets out of the correct course. Since there is no visual direction reference, an airplane constantly digresses out of the right route. Thus, pilots need to regularly correct the deviation of the flight route and fly their airplane to the destination. They use compass, devices, and screens equipped in modern airplanes. However, the most influential correction comes from communication with ground crews. Pilots communicate with ground crews continuously throughout the entire flight to avoid any major deviation from the flight course.

The pilot said that despite all the advanced modern equipments, the most valuable information is the fact that pilots are aware that flight route will be deviated, and they need to correct it constantly with ground crew support.

This story relates to our lives.

Our lives are full of mistakes like the flight of an airplane. It appears there is no way to avoid mistakes. Mistakes play a vital role in the learning process. It is not so critical to make a mistake in our lives, but it is essential that we continuously correct our mistakes. In this way, we will be able to reach our destination as an airplane that never misses its destination airport. It appears that making mistakes is not a big deal as long as we have a correction mechanism. We should not be afraid of making mistakes. But if we do, it is important to correct them so that we will be able to reach our destination.

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