Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mid-Life Crisis Slapstick Stage

It was Confucius who advocated the concept of growing older, rather than getting older. The idea was that as one gets older, he should become much more experienced than younger people. The elders must have more wisdom and control over their lives. In accordance with his own personal history and development, Confucius suggested that one should set the focus of his life by age 15. He said that when he was 15, he decided to devote his life to an academic field. He said he could stand on his own feet by age 30. He was no longer suspicious of or unclear about his activities by 40. He became aware of the mission given to him from the Higher Power by 50.

Everybody wishes things would happen the way Confucius set milestones based on ages. However, in reality, as one got older, things become more out of control. A person may become more emotional and resentful. English has an expression: "mid-life crisis." Having a crisis in the middle of one's life has become a universal truth.

When his company gave him a business order to become stationed in San Francisco, Satoshi was glad. He thought his company finally recognized his English proficiency and business skills. He arrived in the United States in October of 1997. The world economy was rapidly growing as IT business had grown. Additionally, his business had grown. He had been promoted.

By the end of the year 2000, Satoshi received a business order from Tokyo to come back to Japan. Going back to Japan did not excite him at all. Japan's economy was stagnating. There were few opportunities for promotion. The entire country had forgotten about dreaming about the future.
In addition, he had problems with his wife. She did not like living in a foreign country and never joined him in San Francisco. Now she wanted a divorce. Satoshi decided to become independent and take this opportunity to live in the U.S. He decided to resign from his company and stay in San Francisco.

He had to face a lot of problems. He lost his job and income. His wife wanted a divorce. His stay permit in the U.S. expired when he lost his job, as the company was his sponsor for staying in the U.S. He could not stay in the U.S. any longer. He did not know how to begin dealing with his problems. He believed, however, that he would be able to deal with the problems he was facing. The next 10 years of Satoshi's life was a roller coaster ride. He started his own business and changed his visa status to Green Card base. He got divorced, then remarried, and continued to live in San Francisco.

Satoshi's story is encouraging. He proved that one can successfully overcome mid-life difficulties if one does not stop addressing their problems, however hard they appear to be.

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