Sunday, November 20, 2011

Three Mirrors to Check Ourselves In

Buddha once said that there are three mirrors to watch and check ourselves in as listed below:

1. Mirrors we own
2. Mirrors others own
3. Mirrors of a Higher Power

The first one is how we view ourselves; we all have our own self-image. The problem is that sometimes our view is subjective and may be different from what others see. A Japanese story states that once upon a time, the queen of the ocean asked a fish what color the crystal ball she had was. A fluke answered it was brown. A snapper said it was red. A blue fish said it was blue. The queen told them that the crystal was transparent. It did not have any color. They saw the crystal ball as being the same color as their own.

Our own image is quite subjective reflecting his own color on the transparent crystal. When we look into the mirror from a distance, we may think we look okay. When we take a closer look, we may have a beard growing, have small scars on the skin, or eyes that are not clear. As long as we are using just our own judgment, we in the mirror might be the illusion we created.

The second is how others view us. We need to be careful on this second mirror. When an ancient Chinese general became an emperor, he was congratulated by the crowd who shouted out the name of the new emperor in great delight. When a close subject praised him, the new emperor told him that the people's voice could not be trusted. Once he lost a war, they shouted to kill him. He knew their nature. Others love us because they have reasons to love us. If we do not have a reason to be loved, they do not love us, anymore. It is selfish, subjective, and changeable.

The third one is the spiritual mirror. The Buddhism doctrine teaches people that they need to train themselves that they can reach and use this mirror by a higher power. Buddha told his principles that Buddhism itself is a mirror to reflect the truth.

Our own image could be distorted due to our subjective nature. How others view us could be variable and changeable based on who and what we are. Since we recognized the subjective nature of the first two mirrors, it would be worthwhile to keep trying to reach and use the third mirror of spiritual being or of Higher Power. It would take us some time and training to become able to reach and use this spiritual mirror, but it is worth trying to reach in order to learn the truth.

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