Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Introduction of my company *zi* -zhen international, inc.-

Today, I wanted to introduce my company, zhen international, inc. (*zi). After I resigned Internet Security Company, I finallly became serious about starting my own business. I formed my company as an American Organization and registered in Hawaii, where I have never visited. I wanted my company being a business consultant professional conducting internationalization promotion and internet related business.

*zi* -zhen international, inc.- has 3 focuses:
- International Business Consultation, based on my international operation experience for 20 years.
- Internet Marketing Consultation and Business Development
- Software Marketing and Sales. I now carry a lot of softwares. But I started my software being centered on Visual Encoding Software.

All detail information is available in my website. I would like you to visit my English website of my baby, *zi*.

Here is the link:

Check my websites to find out what I am doing:

Feel free to contact me:
Shaw Funami
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