Sunday, September 28, 2008

Over Curtural Bridge

It was about 3 years ago, I was standing outside of Shenyang Airport, China. Shenyang airport is like San Francisco Airport, departure level is high so that you feel like being on the top of a hill.

What a scale! 180 degree of huge flat land was there. It was the view of continuation of flat land until it ends with the border to the sky. Lower part of my eyes I was seeing the brown and green land. Upper part of my eyes were seeing Blue-Gray Sky, unlimited. Earth, Sky, and I. That were all there are.

With the breath-taking scale of the scenic view, I was talking to myself "Well, I now can understand why and how so many Japanese people wanted to come to China before WWII. (They are called "Bazoku" or "Manshu-zoku" that time.) I feel in the same way as they felt." Matter of the fact was I was nothing different from them.

It was 1996 when my previous employer sent me to San Francisco for stationing. I spinned out in 2001 for staying in US. I travelled to Japan, China, etc... so many times. Every time when I was out of Japan, I felt more comfortable. When I was in Shenyang Airport, I came to realize that it was not why and how, but the way I felt. No reason. Something in me, in my brain, in my system invited me out of Japan where I was borne and raised.

Japanese Gate, San Mateo, CA
But, I do not dislike Japan. I love Japan, and I learned that I love Japan after I started traveling and living in different countries. It was about 6 months ago, I met with this Japanese gentleman who works for TV Station. He and I talked about future of Japanese economy, business, presence in the world.

We agreed on the point that although less people are paying attention to Japan nowadays, its value never diminish nor disappear. Detail craftsmanship and quality consciousness are not lost. Is there any room for Japan to improve? Yes, there are. Maybe self-esteem, now. Japan and Japanese can be a little more proud of themselves (ourselves?). Japan is a beautiful country with kind, friendly, caring people. I wish you can re-visit your thinking about Japan, now. It may be the very time for Japan QC oriented mind to contribute to the world progress.

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BeHappy said...

Hi Shaw .. I like your idea of cultural bridges .. and that you obviously have a lot knowledge about the Asian countries .. especially your Tokyo (Japanese) connections; it will be great to have alliances with you & learn about that part of the world. To bridges across the world! Hilary