Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Website M&A and globalization

As explained in my foregoing article, Website M&A became an important part of my company business. But, my original business line was "Internationalization". How can we associate Website M&A with the "Internationalization"? The answer was quite simple. *zi* can go between off-shore companies' becoming partners, associates, Joint Ventures, alliances in global view point.

1 year ago, I replaced my old Windows PC with Mac OS X based MacBook and iMac. In addition, I bought 1st generation of iPhone. Despite the fact that I bought them all in California, USA, all the machines are compatible in international languages. All PC's and iPhone are running both Japanese and English. One PC was set for Chinese input system. This is how Apple - Mac was internationalized.

When you write blog, put up website, whatever you write and whatever you put up in your website is already international in their nature. We all should be ready for international business and market.

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