Saturday, February 27, 2010

Emotional IQ - My List

I am not a psycho therapist.  I am not psychology doctor.  So, I was always wonder if these psychology professional people obtain and maintain their peace of mind.  Because it appeared to me that these people have perfect control over their emotions.  One day in the airport, I happened to have an opportunity to talk with a psycho therapist.  She told me that there is no difference between regular people and psychology professional people in the emotion.  Some may be more emotional than others.  I remember that I was relieved to learn that.

There are many people who suffered from panic attacks, unstable status of mind, alcoholism, and gained control over it, later became professional about psychology using their own experience.  I myself gone through some problems and gained control over my own emotions.  In that process, I have looked for information to gain control over my own emotions.  It is my great pleasure if my knowledge and experience will be useful for you any way.  Some times, you find that information from innocent third party is more useful.  But, please keep in mind that I am still learning the process.  That means I am still having difficulty controlling my own emotion like you.

There are several points I try to go through whenever I feel I am losing my temper:

1.  Think if I am trying to be perfectionist?
2.  I admit that I feel fear or anxiety.
3.  Think if I can control the cause of my fear or anxiety.
4.  If I found the cause is not controllable, stop thinking about it, and give up.
5.  Start to act whatever I can take action to make the situation better.
6.  Avoid being lonely and talk with people who i can talk with.

Did I sound like a religious leader or philosopher?  But, if you stop thinking negative and take action from whatever you can take action to make the matter better, miraculously things start to get better.  Whenever you got stuck with things which you cannot control, it is better-off leaving them to 2 powerful beings, God and Time.

Although I cannot prove how it happens, I have my own analysis on in what mechanism, thing work as above.  I will explain it to you some time later.

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