Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Emotional IQ - Fear Amplyfies Itself

Have you had an experience, maybe when you were a young boy or girl, walking in the school after everybody left at night.  Or late coming home you had tried to make a short cut walking through a park with lots of trees like a forest.  You might have noticed that how different they were, when you walk through vacant school or park at night by yourself.  You must have been frightened by your own shadow and sound of trees by wind.  Once you started to feel fear, you could not stop it, could you?

It appears that the fear has amplifying effect as above, when you started to feel fear, it just could not be stopped, it amplifies and becomes bigger and bigger.  When your baby is sick, you hope it would not be serious and it is just a cold and simple fever.  2nd day, the fever does not go down.  Then you started to be worrying.  It might be a serious disease, you thought.  It might be a pneumonia.  He coughed a lot last night.  It must be a pneumonia.  Your anxiety would be continued to be bigger until you decided to take him to a hospital and doctor told you that it is simple cold and he would be okay in a few days.

I have heard that 99% of your anxiety, fear, worry will be solved as a matter of time.  Please take a moment trying to remember what you were feeling fear this time last year.  There must have been something which you worried.  Most cases, you would not be able to even remember what were them.

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lifeisagift said...

Great post Shaw you have so much great info!

Fear = Anger

Shaw said...

Hi Joanne,

Thank you for your comment. It is still not easy to control our anger, but it becomes understandable to at least think what fear is there behind our anger. Taking time and thinking could cool us down, too.

Best regards,
Shaw Funami
Fill the Missing Link